The Refresh

The dawn

Brings life

To nature’s


Photo by good2begone

The Go To

Everyone I know has at least 1 song that is their….

How to put it correctly…

Their go to song.

You dont have to seek it out


Try to remember what it is

It just is the go to.

It always comes across the airwaves




Any of the oceans of ways to listen

At just the right time to set things right

Even if it’s just for one turn of the hourglass

The sands of time are just better for those precious….

You moments.

I have a couple of them.

For this post, I will just list 1.

The band…..

Little Ceasar.

Not the pizza pizza guy….

Here they are-

They look pretty rough.

They probably are…

But musically, they were influenced by the Motown greats and covered quite a few of their favorites.

They are hard rock but have the Motown melodies that make for a great cover…

And one of my go to’s.

Put some headphones on and sit back with your favorite go to beverage and enjoy-

Little Caesar-I wish it would rain.

What’s your go to?

Lemme know.

Thanks for reading n listening.


Back in the beginning of this blog. I used to do a thing called-

Covered on Sundays

It consisted of a song and a cover of that song along with why I like it.

Maybe I will bring it back.

The Brewing

Weathering the storm
Between pleasure and pain

Sometimes thunder and lightning
Other times pounding rain

Scratching the surface
Marks fade to unseen

Midnight beckons the dawn
Emotions on constant careen

As the tempest eases its strength
Darker shades of grey soften

The ties that bind loosen
Still dripping with caution

Day breaks the darkness
A chorus of birds ignite the rays

Left alone with fresh coffee
A single rose on display

The Buzz

Cheating is a serious allegation in any form or facet.

In any gameplay, the accusation better be backed up with fact or you may get your ass handed to you.

The number 1 chess player in the world lost a match to a 19 year old American, who coincidentally is ranked number 49.

He is being accused of cheating to win.

How did he cheat….in chess?…..

There are 2 scenarios-

1-the ‘ol vibrating shoe trick

My guess-the shoe is hooked up to a wifi signal after the champ makes his move, someone remotely puts that move into a computer program  and sends the best move to counter to the shoe.

Or…something like that.

The second scenario kicks ass!!

It is being reported that the 19 year old American could have quite possibly been using…..

Wait for it….



What the…who the….why the…

Just win baby.

But dont get caught with your pants down.

The Marble Life

Entombed in a labyrinth
Of thoughts and misconceptions

Attempting to decipher
All human imperfections

Uttering the word peace
Ignites violence and insurrections

Politicians wallets get fatter
While sustaining wild power erections

The population waits for answers
But left with unanswered questions

Used to have cries for freedom
Now left with pleas for restrictions

The axis keeps spinning
A mirror holds the same reflection

We all crave the same
No matter the complexion          

Pic-popular science

The Wall of Oval Drops

He thought he could walk on water
Until he almost drown

He thought he could fly
But fear of heights held him down

Eventhough he was wrong
He tried to prove himself right

Should have walked away
But thought he could fight

He couldn’t wait to get older
To be on his own

Walk a straight line
A youth to atone

Everyone said-
A failure you’ll be

You cant chase a dream
When yourself…you can’t see

Blinded by I told you so and
I’ll prove you wrong

He set off into the world
To create his own song

He failed a bit here
And just trudged ahead

Succeeded over there
Gaining traction and tread

In the end, his dream
Didnt involve money or fame

Payback, I showed you
Or laying stake to a claim

It was about knowing
He be ok on the inside

When he followed his heart
Instead of someone else’s eyes

Street art-Chicago, Illinois. Pic by good2begone