The Go To

Everyone I know has at least 1 song that is their….

How to put it correctly…

Their go to song.

You dont have to seek it out


Try to remember what it is

It just is the go to.

It always comes across the airwaves




Any of the oceans of ways to listen

At just the right time to set things right

Even if it’s just for one turn of the hourglass

The sands of time are just better for those precious….

You moments.

I have a couple of them.

For this post, I will just list 1.

The band…..

Little Ceasar.

Not the pizza pizza guy….

Here they are-

They look pretty rough.

They probably are…

But musically, they were influenced by the Motown greats and covered quite a few of their favorites.

They are hard rock but have the Motown melodies that make for a great cover…

And one of my go to’s.

Put some headphones on and sit back with your favorite go to beverage and enjoy-

Little Caesar-I wish it would rain.

What’s your go to?

Lemme know.

Thanks for reading n listening.


Back in the beginning of this blog. I used to do a thing called-

Covered on Sundays

It consisted of a song and a cover of that song along with why I like it.

Maybe I will bring it back.


2 thoughts on “The Go To

  1. Actually I’m listening to kpop a lot these days. I know, despite it’s growing popularity, it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee, whatever one prefers). But it’s “at the right time”, something like that. Then there are rock songs, some from Linkin Park, and there is instrumental music, like movie themes and such. I love the Titanic and Avatar themes as well as the entire Lord of the rings (the Peter Jackson movies) themes. 😊

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