The Cancel

So…..Beyonce put out a new album.

Not my taste in music.


What did raise my brow about it was that before it was possible for the album to be listened to, streamed, bought or even looked at

She was forced to change a word on one of the tracks because it was deemed offensive.

The word in question….



It was somewhere on track 11 of the album..

A word on track 11


And changed because….it was offensive…

I didnt even know the dude was relevant anymore.

He was a savior in the movies back in the ’80’s…



Cancel culture needs to be stopped.

Until then enjoy the word from it’s original context and glory…

2 thoughts on “The Cancel

  1. I think half the song on her album are already being edited, removed completely or what not. At this rate, Beyonce is going to be without an album. I remember Kanye West and Rihanna had a song, not sure what it’s called but he had a line that said “hold me back I’m about to spaz”. I don’t remember the word being controversial back then. Suddenly it’s a problem? Yep, cancel culture needs to stop.

    • I hadn’t even heard the word spaz in literally years. It’s being referred to a medical condition of some sorts. So whatever. I havent used it forever anyway. But still quite ridiculous.

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