The What The…

Actual story found on yahoo news

I’m not much of a people person but I am friendly with my neighbors.

I’m not much of a news reader, but I do read the headlines as I scroll through.

The headlines tell me all I need to know.

What this one tells me is that it’s good to be friendly with my neighbors.

2 years….really….

Uggh…humanity needs an overhaul.


The Pharoah Scheme

Pyramids are successful because the Pharoah knows the people building their way to the top are only concentrated on the one side they are building on.

It takes four sides to support the Pharoah’s desires.

And he can have it built as tall as he wants to be as big a God as he desires.

Look at how many it takes to build it before you are entranced by the promises of shiny things that the Pharoah offers.

This message is brought to you by life experience.

I approve of this message

The Sundress

A picque of interest
On a hot summer day
Illuminated curves
Through a flowered sundress
Makes a heart skip a beat
A muse on display

A tuck of golden locks
Behind the ears
An unheard giggle
Behind a radiant smile

A slight breeze ruffles the hem
A wave of hand keeps in down
Thoughts in a tornado
Times slows on the dial

When the ticking resumed
23 years had come and gone
A marriage, children,
Laughter and tears
The sundress still hangs
In the closet with care
Holding the memories and emotions
All of our hopes and fears

The last time I saw it
Was when I laid you to rest
Always a strong woman
Cancer gave an unbeatable test

Into forever the sundress
You will wear
When my time comes
That’s how I will find you there

The Quickening

“I have the power! The quickening that empowers me! I feel everything! I know everything! I am everything!”- Movie quote from Highlander

Had some hobby time this weekend. Which means it was time to get creative.

I started with this-

Pretty good size piece of driftwood off the lake I work on. It’s all hollowed out, so it has lots of caves and turns in it.

I went the home depot and bought some polyurethane. Then headed the the dollar tree….

Which is more like the dollar and a quarter tree now…


I picked up a cheap roll of LED lights and a LED puck light.

Got home and let the creative juices flow like lava from a volcano…or something like that.

Here is the finished product…

Which i have dubbed-

“The Quickening”

Looks better in the darkness

There can be only one.

“Most people have a full measure of life… and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up… at one time… in one place… you can accomplish something… glorious.”- quote from Highlander 2 The Quickening

The Angel’s Game

Don’t put that in your nose
Just say yes sir
Where are your clothes

Turn off the water
Those are on the wrong feet
I don’t know if starfish fart
Ugh..that’s dog poop not a treat

Don’t run in the house
Please sit on the couch
Really…that’s a hat
Don’t do that…ouch

You ready for a nap
No…the tv’s broke
You need a new diaper
I think I’m gonna choke

Your momma is here
It’s time to leave
Of course, he’s been an angel
I would never aim to decieve