The Stump And The Slab

It’s a weekend without the grandkids.

Which means….

It’s hobby time.

I’ve had a driftwood treestump on my back porch for quite a while.

I didn’t know what to do with it….but I knew I NEEDED IT!

Not long ago, my boss was cleaning out one of his many work areas and came across a

Slab ‘o wood.

He just gave it to me. Said he’d never use it and hoped I would be able to.

The pistons in my brain fired up and I went to work on the stump and the slab.

I figured the only way to go was to build a table.

Who doesn’t like tables?

They are so useful for….stuff and things.


I leveled out the top of the stump.

Sanded down the slab.

And connected the two with heavy duty gate hinges. The kind used on ranches to keep cattle in n stuff.

Then, finished it all off with polyurethane, and tried to get a close as I could to

“Showroom shine”

Here’s the results from 3 angles to show the awesomeness of the stump and the patterns on the slab.

I call this my-

Dragon Coil Table.

It’s not just a table.

It’s my attempt at furniture art, that’s not just functional but also a cool conversation piece.

Discaimer- this wasn’t all done this morning. It’s been a work in progress that got finished this morning. This is a blog post….not a you tube start to finish project in 30 minutes type situation. 😬


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