The Never Slow Down

Here’s a little conversation my boss and I had yesterday-

Him- You need to slow down.

Me- Why?? (I said a bit sarcastically)

Him- Its over 100 degrees I don’t want you to stroke out on me.

Me- I’m not even sweating…and we are in the shade…I’m keeping hydrated and working at a steady pace to try to stay one step ahead of these assclowns that are just working towards their next break. You know I only have one speed and it aint slow.

Him- I’ll deal with them.  Just attempt…you aren’t a kid anymore. You’ve been here longer than anyone and deserve to take it easy now and then.

Me- yeah…yeah

Every couple of months we have that same conversation. I’ve been there 10 years.

It’s the longest employment run I’ve had.

He tells everyone else they need to get a move on…

But I need to slow down.

I used to be like Wile E. Coyote.

Always trying to sabotage the ones who got stuff done so I wouldn’t look as bad.

He’s a super genius, ya know.

Now after years of self changes for the better, I’m more like his counterpart…

When I get to work, I get a plan of what needs to get done and I’m off to the races.

I figure, if I get done with the tasks at hand I can move on to other tasks to keep the job moving forward.

I don’t like to ACME my way through things.

Now, the Wile E’s I work try to find ways to keep up with my pace or try to find ways to slow me down.

It usually ends up with them worn out n sweating while I am just steady moving on.

I try to teach them my system, which saves time….and effort,


I just don’t have the slow down in me.

Work starts in a couple of hours…gotta run.

Beep beep.


2 thoughts on “The Never Slow Down

  1. It’s good to be a tiny bit competitive at your job, it’s good to be involved and all, but there’s a little old saying that goes like this… Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Take care of yourself 😊

    • You are correct in many ways! I’ve just have in my head that between the times I clock in and clock out I need to be as productive as possible. I do tend to go too far though…..

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