The Mazdarati Conundrum

Why and what happened when I stopped blogging years ago?

The answer is best explained using this analogy…

When I started blogging it was much like the vehicle I now drive. Which is a GMC Yukon Denali XL.

It’s big, imposing, comfortable. 2 rows of captains chairs, 12 speaker BOSE stereo system. 2 video screens, leather interior, wood trim. It has it all.

I treated my blogging as such.

Just get in and drive.

Be spontaneous and let it ride.

By the end of my run. I felt I was no longer in the Denali….

I was back driving my first car. She was dubbed ” the mazdarati”.

The Mazdarati

That’s close to it. Mazda GLC hatchback. No frills. Bells or whistles.

The horn didn’t even work. I had to lean out the window and scream.

The only spontaneous thing about it was the smell…ugh.

I put diesel gas in it once…

Not a good idea.

Anyway, my blog ended up like that car…


Now, all this time later. I giving it another go.

Where have been during that time and what have I been doing since then?

Follow along as I get back in the Denali and take a long ride.

The last six years have been life changing and eventful. The future promises to be just as chaotic.

I tell it as I see it.

Once again….

It’s good 2 be gone.


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