The Language Lesson

The newest member of our work crew is a Hispanic guy. He speaks English and Spanish, has a great work ethic and is an all around good guy.

At least, I think so.

I mean, he is a lot like me.

I was once the newest member of our crew. I speak about as much a Spanish as he speaks English, I exude the same work habits…


I’m an all around good guy.

At least I think so…

Those poignant thoughts do not eminate from at least one of my other coworkers.

Namely…the trailer park boys.

I’ve posted about them before, so I won’t rehash old white trash, I will instead add to their legend of misinformation.

The one I refer to is  “Bubbles”.


He came up to me this week and started a conversation with me about why he doesn’t like….the new guy.

“Why do you try to talk like ‘ol Juan Pablo over there?” He began.

I replied.

“You know his name is not Juan Pablo…”

He retorted.

“I could call him anything with an ‘o’ at the end of it and he would answer. That’s the basis of there language….that they stole from us. Just add a vowel add a crazy accent to your voice and call it a word.”

I looked at him with a concerned look and answered.


“What the hell are you talking about. I grew up in a border town and pretty much grew up around the language of Spanish. It’s very easy to sound like an idiot if you don’t understand it. I’m pretty sure if you told him that you would sound like a complete idiota.”

He smiled and said,

“See.  You just proved my point. Idiot….idiota. I could give you more examples if you want me too.”

I shook my head and said,

“Please…enlighten me.”

He cleared his throat and confidently stated,

“Take the word ‘man’ in english….add an ‘o’ it becomes ‘mano’.

Here’s another….’talk’…..add an “o’. ..what do you get?….TACO.

How about one more?….”

I quickly stopped him by putting my hand in his face and replied, in my best Spanglish, before I walked away,

“Bubbles….just stop and taco to the hand. You…are a racist…..o.”


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