Cry Wolf

Creatively speaking….

It’s hard to even be creative without sleep.

Without proper sleep I would write things like-

“Let’s eat Grandma.”

Where as if I had sleep I would write-

“Let’s eat, Grandma.”

Without sleep, punctuation is a disaster.

Sleep usually doesn’t happen unless certain things fall into line.

1- Make sure to go to sleep at least 6-8 hours before work the following day.

For that to happen, one thing has to fall in line- a job.

I got that covered.

2- Have a roomy comfortable place in order to get said sleep.

We have a big bed. I’m not sure if it’s a king or a queen…but it’s big.

Why do we even have royalty sized beds in America?



3- In order to get the required sleep in the comfortable place, you need to feel safe enough to get the sleep.

Excluding the virtual arsenal of weaponry my wife has stashed around the house….

You know….. guns, nunchucks, throwing stars, poison darts, the usual stuff, we have dogs.

The big dog of the bunch is Mischa, she is a wolf. Not a quarter wolf three quarter chihuahua…not half this half that….

A wolf. A 70 pound wolf.

When we let her in at night, she patrols the house, searching each room to make sure everyone and everything is where it is supposed to be. When she is satisfied, she typically lays on the floor by our bed, facing the door and sleeps.

The “I wanna be the big dog of the house but Mischa won’t let me” dog is Gracie. She is 1/2 red healer 1/2 pit bull. Shes around 50 pounds. We say she is a red bull…..


Get it…..

If anyone tries to get in our house they will wish the had wings.

Needless to say….I feel safe.

As long as these 3 things fall into line I’m a creative monster with limitless potential for grandeous storification.


All three things have been placed into blender and shoved down my gullet like bad meatloaf.

Here is the picture to prove it-


See that little space on the left side of the bed with the covers pulled back next to my ferocious wolf….

That’s the place I am allowed to reside in while attempting sleep.

Do you see that space above the big bad wolf where the pillows are….that’s where Gracie sleeps. She was not in the picture because she heard the fridge open when I got up and figured she must be getting something to eat.



My usual 6-8 hours has been reduced to 2-4, I’m royally cranky, and my safeguards are drooling all over my kingdom.

If this is what it’s like to be king, you can have the crown.


5 thoughts on “Cry Wolf

  1. Mischa is beautiful. My husband had a wolf (2, actually) before I came along. I’m hoping to meet one eventually. If we ever have a bigger, more remote place, we may adopt one.
    I hope you’re able to sleep nowadays.

    • She has found her new happy place on the floor in front of our bed….only because we purchased her own padded mattress to sleep on. Spoiled? Definitely! She is the best pet I have ever had, she’s my baby.

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