Time Change

I ain’t as young as I once was….I ain’t as old as I’ll ever be.

Ageismstereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. This may be casual or systematic.
This word and definition is a basic description of what has happened to the music I grew up with…..although the terminology is not quite as direct.

The music I so fondly am referring to is not classified as a genre such as rock or rap.

It was at one time……

But that time was long ago and is long gone.

Now the proper way to reference it is a subtle…..


form of ageism.

It is systematically making me feel uncasual about my age.

I’m not getting old…..

I’m classic….

I’m old school…..

I’m clumped into a decade that has decayed.

The hair bands all have receding hair lines.


The gangsta rappers who fought the power are now media moguls and moviestars.


And, I’m here stuck with assless chaps, a big clock necklace, boombox, and enough spandex and aqua net to start a worthless revolution.

Yeah…well…we all want to change the world.

Being labeled is wrong.

I will not stand for it.


It’s time for my afternoon nap.


4 thoughts on “Time Change

  1. Haha! I heard Pearl Jam and Nirvana on the classic rock station. They play those same songs on the new rock station too. Music should be timeless.

    On a more serious note, ageism is bad. One of the ladies I work with is a good 20 years older than we are. She had to get a new computer with new software because thing always change. She wasn’t happy about it. The tech guy made a comment out of earshot that the “older” people are more sensitive and cranky. I gave him a that comment is unacceptable look.

    • It should be timeless but there is a bigger need for labels on everything.

      I would have given that guy more than just a look. I have a low tolerance for judgemental people.

  2. I remember the first time I heard one of “my songs” on the “oldies” radio station…i freaking flipped out!

    Now, instead of freaking flipping out I just sob into my Cream of Wheat.



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