Wolf Brand Chillin’

While the husband is away…the wife will arm herself in case of an apocalypse.

I have been working overnights…..ummm…working,

which leaves my wife and daughter at home by themselves until dawn.

I took the precautions of having our wolf inside for protection…just in case.

Normally when she is inside, she patrols each room and won’t relax until she knows everyone and everything is where it should be.

We live in a safe neighborhood, but, as crazy as the world has gotten, you just never know.

A few nights ago, she called me at a weird hour to tell me she had the guns loaded and had to check the house because she heard something. Everything turned out to be fine. She just wanted to inform me that she got spooked and doesn’t like me working nights.

I said,

“What happened? Did Mischa (our wolf) wake you up and alert you and that’s why you decided to get the guns?”

Her reply was sent by text message-

A wolf in sleeps clothing.



9 thoughts on “Wolf Brand Chillin’

  1. misstrie says:

    XD XD ok, i thought you meant that Mischa had called you and loaded the guns. i was like, “damn, where can i get a Mischa?” XD XD


    • Yes sir she is quite formidable. She is especially peotective of the ladies in the house. Typically quiet but if she senses anything is off she is not aftaid to let us know.

  2. Um…did you say WOLF? I didn’t even know you COULD own one much less know anyone one who actually does own one. That, plus loaded guns.


    Remind me never to piss you off.


    PS – The wolf really is gorgeous.

    • Yes maam, she is a full blooded wolf and is a wonderful family member. As for the guns, we grew up around them, use them and store them safely. Texans have quite the affinity for them.

      • Oh yeah! My son is in Oklahoma and has a quite a few of them. He even taught my other son how to shoot when we were visiting this spring. He was THRILLED.


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