Gel A Tin

by good2begone

Combining words into anything that resembles……well…anything, has become harder than nailing jello to a tree.

And I have tried.

I just seem to stand in front of the tree…hammer and nail in one hand, jello mold jiggling in the palm of the other, wondering….for hours on end….

How long will the cursor continue to blink before it slides off the screen like the jello at the base of the tree?

Instead of looking like a lunatic by scraping jello out of the grass, I just go about my day.

Another day or so goes by and I eventually return to that tree with a longer nail, bigger hammer and a different flavor of jello made with a little less water and gelled for a little longer….you know to make it stronger.

And what happens?

The cursor now blinks in different colors… the base of the tree…..which is now attracting ants.

That are devouring my ideas (the jello) which won’t stick to the tree (the screen) that I can’t seem to transfer from my brain to my hands (the hammer and nail).

The tree still blinks.

The hammer is still full of jello.

The nail is just waiting for it all to come together to have the ability to combine the words that will resemble something about anything.

Until then….

It’s still good2begone.