The Hitching Post

It has been a week since I have last hitched a post to this space.

During the minutes, hours and days that have passed…a lot has happened.

Let’s look back at the week that was-

1- I returned to AA after an absence of over a year. It began with a weekend long anniversary conference at a group up the road from where I live. I hooked back up with my sponsor and am in the process of working a 4th step…..I get gone for a year, maintain my sobriety and start my integration back into the program with figuring out what made me get gone. Lucky me.

2-My stepson crashed his truck into dumpsters that somehow managed to jump out in front of him as he traveled at a safe and elderly speed of about 25 miles an hour…..he made the situation better by leaving the scene at a much higher rate of speed….with people watching him. After informing my wife, she called the police….because….that’s what was supposed to be done…duh. No police report was filed, no charges were brought. The others involved just wanted the fence fixed that was damaged.

3-We fixed the fence.

4-My stepson did not crash his truck. He was not even in the truck. His friend, who doesn’t even possess a license, was driving. My stepson took the fall to prevent his buddy from getting into trouble.

5-The trouble caused by saving trouble for another brought on more trouble. He will have to fix the truck with his own funds. He will have to now get insurance for himself on the truck he will be paying to get fixed. Independence has taken on new meaning for him.

6-I returned to work after an absence of over a month due to injury. It’s August. I live in Texas. It’s hot. I’M MELTING!!

7-My wife and I had a sit down with my stepson and his 19 year old girlfriend about drama, safe sex, lying, gossip, and all kinds of other crap I could done without talking about…..but it was my brilliant idea so I had to do it without being an ass.

8-There is no 8. Seven days in a week, 7 items hitched to the post.

I’m getting horse.


9 thoughts on “The Hitching Post

  1. WOW…lots going on there, kind sir. You have returned to the fold of the three legacy program?! That’s a surprise! This is good for me to hear (see how I made this about me in one fell swoop? That’s an alcoholic for ya). I have been more than slack in my attendance (1 mtg in about 6 weeks) so I need to see that I can always return πŸ™‚

    And glad to hear that you’re back at work. You have elite-athlete type healing prowess and speed. Wow. I’d still be trying to learn to wipe my behind at this point still, and you’re out there in the dangerous Texas sun. lol

    Great post and news (except for the truck)


    • Lol. Thanks, Paul. Yes sir, I have come back. I’m ready to deal with my faith issues and issues with living life by going back to the only place that ever gave me the hope I desired. I still have some reservations about it but I have opened up to my sponsor about them and he is willing to help me. The support I left behind when I walked away over a year ago is still right where I left it. I’m grateful for the chance to figure things out.

  2. Dude…you are so going to need AA to cope with that stepson. Teenage boys (and contrary to what HE may think, his age and his actions reflect those of a boy) are so trying sometimes!!!!

    Glad you’re back. Glad you’re back to work. Get one of those newfangled towel things that you wet, put around your neck and then just shake and it’s cool again. My son has one and he loves it.

    I would tell you to stay cool but that would be redundant.


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