The Muse

Often the Muse will not respond to direct and logical requests. She must be lured in with the playful and gentle.” –Jill Badonsky


“I‘m not in control of my muse. My muse does all the work.” –Ray Bradbury


The muse is born in pain, thrives on it and loves to inflict it.” –Warren Criswell


Never forget that the nurturing and preservation of your own muse is job one. Lose it and you may be losing a great deal.” –Robert Genn


The man who arrives at the doors of artistic creation with none of the madness of the Muses would be convinced that technical ability alone was enough to make an artist… what that man creates by means of reason will pale before the art of inspired beings.” –Plato


Images by good2begone.


7 thoughts on “The Muse

    • Okay wait…this is why I love your stuff. You’ve got my brain in overdrive. Is that the same rose in all the pics? Did you take the pics? How did you learn to shoot like that? Have you lost your muse?

      Good stuff.

      • 1-Yes, same rose.
        2- Yes, I took the photos.
        3- Trial and error. My wife thought it would be a good idea to use the last rose from my get well bouquet from my sister and take some photos. These are the result. After I took them, I found the quotes that I thought would enhance the images.


        4- No, after I took the first shot, the word “muse” popped into my head and I rolled with it.


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