The Stunner

Almost 1 month ago, I was extremely careless at work and had an accident that came very close to being my last accident. Today I revisited the surgeon who repaired the damage. The final staples were removed and I have been released to return to work, effective next Monday.

I was fairly stunned by the news.

I have heard, more than once, that someone must be watching over me. It’s time to seriously reevaluate my status on faith. The search will continue as I have been given the chance to continue living. I’m sure that many things will change with me,


The sobriety date remains the same, 10-13-06.

I cannot put into words the gratitude and thankfulness I have for the support I have received and the many well wishes and get well soon messages I have received during my time of recovery.

But I have found someone that can….

Thanks again, this community is one I never want to give up.


12 thoughts on “The Stunner

  1. runningonsober says:

    Back to work next week?!? Wow! That’s awesome!
    Glad you’ve had such a remarkable recovery.
    Nice post. πŸ˜‰

  2. Not being active eh? Besides the laundry and driving et al. I am so pleased you recovered rapidly and with no PT. Amazing. The stars lined up for you. Tip of a hat to the Universe. πŸ™‚

    • Lol…you remember well! 😳. Whatever it was that lined up for me deserves the credit. I am on honest search for that and hope to gain peace from it. Thank you as always!

  3. So happy you’re okay…seriously dude.

    I’ve found that when I’m searching for that spirituality (which I have in spades…you’re welcome to some of mine) that just sitting quietly and listening is the easiest way to find it.

    It will come to you…just open your heart and breathe.


  4. misstrie says:

    I’M GLAD YOU’RE DOING BETTER!! This is actually the first time I’m hearing about your accident, what with my longer-than-expected-yet-shorter-than-you’d-think absence from wordpress. SO I’M GLAD YOU’RE DOING WELL!! You’re so cool and I love your blog, so I’d hate to see either discontinued because of a fatal accident. πŸ˜₯ So again, that’s great that you’re doing better!! πŸ˜€ 🐻

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