The Breathe Right

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.”

~Author Unknown

Good thing the author of that quote is unknown….if I knew him/her, I would find them and slap them upside the head with my good arm.

Here’s why-

Sleep for me has been hard to come by. My recent surgery has made it difficult to get comfortable.

I toss,

I turn,


I Repeat……


From about 8 am this morning until 11:24 I had found “the sweet spot”.

At 11:24 and approximately 3 seconds, I began to feel a poking and light prodding at several areas of my back.

As I began to wonder what was going on, I hear the slightly perturbed yet lovely voice of my wife ask….perturbedly-

“Hey…are you even breathing?”

I raise my head from my apparent dead sleep and reply-


She kisses me on the forehead and says,

“Yup you are….carry on. See you after work.”

And skips out of the room.

Breath owned…..

Peace still stolen.

Stupid author of the unknown quote on breathing.

Shut up annoying giggly, yet cute, Asian looking adolescent meme….I’m trying to get back to sleep.


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