Honey Boo Boo

by good2begone

Being the ultra refined specimen of a human being that I am, I tend to lean towards purchasing food items that cater to my well being.

When I see the words-

100% natural raw and unfiltered

on a label….

I immediately look at my wife and say-

“That sounds just like me, honey.”

Take this product-

That’s so me.

I figured we just take it home…take off the hat and let the sweet unfiltered naturally raw goodness just flow out of his Smokey skull and into my chamomile.

Just like me….a head full of sweetness awaiting the consumer to enjoy!




“That’s right honey,” my wife plainly states.

“Just like you….that bear is full of crap…..honey.”

Another one of my theories has gone to pot.

Stupid bear.