Here Comes Da Judge

by good2begone

After blogging for more than 2 years, I received my first hateful comment.


Which could have been dealt with in many ways-


I chose none of the above. Instead, I approved the comment and replied to it.

The post in which it all appears-

“The Plan To Cure The 17 Year Old Itch

which was written in freaking October of LAST year.

I am being judged by someone that “accidentally” found my blog and has read probably 2 posts from my blog.


Out of the over 600.

Because of those posts, my step kids should hate me and phase me out of their lives.

I would much rather be harshly judged by the individuals who have consistently read my blog or by people who see me on a day to day basis.

But, I am the lucky one, who gets judged by someone who doesn’t even have a blog but does have an opinion.

I guess it comes with the territory.