Home Is

by good2begone

Quite graphic injury pic will be at the end of this post. If you are squeamish…please do not continue.

Home is where my recovery begins.

After a traumatic accident, a surgery to fix the damage to my pretty close to severed right arm, 5 days in the hospital, 24 hour antibiotic IV injections, dose after dose of pain killers, over 50 staples and constant checks of vitals, I have been released to home.

My home for the last 5 days

has been replaced by the one I call home.

I am truly grateful.

I no longer have to look at my left arm and see the IV protruding from it.

I no longer have to wake up every 4 hours to give a “what level of pain do you have” status update to determine which pain killer I will be receiving.

I no longer have to wake up to the nightmares that the painkillers were giving me that had me reliving every accident I have ever had in vivid imagery and feeling, causing me to wake up in sweat and fear.

I am at home where I have to learn that recovery takes time.

Home does not mean that my life will return to what it was before it got to be what it is now.

Now is different.

I will have to learn to adjust.

Although, the surgeon expects a full recovery, my mind will not.

Which is not a bad thing.

My mind tells me-

“We had convinced ourself for years that we could never die…immortal, if you will. We are not. And must adjust our life accordingly. We have a wife and children, and extended family that requires our presence and participation. They want us around. We need to meet and exceed that want by a desire to fulfill. That means being safe in all areas of our existence. Don’t just say we love life, show we love life and all it offers to all who make us who we are and who we can be.

That means change.

Recovery from anything requires it.

I have recovered from addiction.

I continue to.

I do that by continuing to change. It enhances my well being.

Now, I need to recover from this traumatic accident.

Recovery is not easy…..but anything worth achieving is not easy.

Physically, I don’t expect any difficulties.

The mental part…that’s a different animal that will take a longer time to train.

I have support. Lots of it.

Utilizing their experience and advice while honestly sharing any of my struggles along the way will be vital.

All I know for now is-

I’m home.

And home is where my life resumes…