The Brazilian Wax

by good2begone

Those who hold on to the notion that there is no scoring in football (soccer) clearly need to change their thinking to

“Germany scores too much in football (soccer) thereby making other teams look boring.”

Semifinal World Cup match between Germany and host country Brazil just ended.

Final score-



They waxed the hosts with a record goal count by a number of players.

At least, the hosts will be ready for some beach time.

Germany will be resting up for the final to attempt to gain their 4th World Cup title.

Brazil was without 2 of their leaders and best players.

1 due to a second yellow card, which is a red card which made him not eligible to play.

The other due to injury.

Germany was at full strength.

And it showed…

7 times.

Here is the video from ESPNFC of when the onslaught began-

Click here

(The goals clip follows a short commercial for ESPN.)

Onslaught being defined by 4 goals in 6 minutes….after already being up by 1. Take a look at what 5-0 looks like.

Photo from CNN

Commentary from good2begone.