The Lawn Of Man

by good2begone

It is becoming apparent to me, that no matter how highly intelligent the species of man becomes, we still like sticking forks into light sockets.

We have been into outer space.

We have sent robots into further outer space.

Pictures, word and video can be transmitted around the globe in a matter of seconds.

We even created slippers with lights on them to prevent walking into things.

And yet…

With all these great advances, we still haven’t figured out that when we go somewhere we weren’t invited that we might get bit.

From ABC News

“It was a burning pain that was going down the side of my chest,” Robles told ABC station KABC. Robles was out for a two-mile swim with a group of friends when the shark suddenly appeared. “It came from the bottom of the water. It came up to the surface, it looked at me and attacked me right on the side of my chest,” Robles said. “That all happened within two seconds. I saw the eyes of the shark as I was seeing it swim towards me. It lunged at my chest, and it locked into my chest.”
Nearby surfers helped Robles to shore. “I was pretty much in shock and screaming the whole time,” he said. “I was scared. More than anything, I was just terrified.” Robles was rushed to the hospital, where he’s recovering.

“This was such a freak accident,” he said. “I couldn’t believe that it happened.”

That’s right…he couldn’t believe it happened.

He went out for a 2 mile swim….in the ocean…..and was shocked that a shark bit him.

I’m shocked that he was shocked. I’m sure the shark was shocked.

Why wouldn’t he be.

I mean…he had a sign posted and everything….

Can’t wait until we are shocked to find out aliens don’t like us on their lawn either.