Armadillo Flats

by good2begone

This site has been updated with a fresh coat of paint in order to reflect the fact that the author of the contents that lie within said blog is sole proprietor of not only the interior word structure but also of the exterior visual structure.

In regular guy terminology-

I do what I want.

Look around….poke buttons…check out the new digs. Like it says up above,
“I’m not really here” anyway.

It’s the new boss…but he’s the same as the old boss.

I promise…you won’t get fooled again.

Disclaimer- I would have strategically placed a video from “The Who” instead of the disclaimer, but since this morning, because of a ghost in the machine, I can’t post videos from the youtube without a link to hit first…..that’s why the words “the who” is a link to the video instead of just the video…

Stupid ghost…too bad he wasn’t lying in the road when I repainted.