Step By Step

by good2begone

Working the steps is no easy task, but if reaching bottom time and time again leaves you with that blah “I really need to do something about this feeling” then it might be worth the effort.

Years of hard wear and tear have left that shaggy worn out look.

Change is a choice that hard to make. Even harder to carry through with. But with the proper guidance and motivation….anything is possible.

Finding someone who has successfully worked steps before is essential.

They are versed in the time and effort it takes to get the job done and takes the stress out of the “I’m all by myself syndrome” that usually ends up with giving up and settling for the way things are.

Typically, starting over means taking things down to the bare minimum. Success means getting rid of the old and starting anew.

Being left naked with nothing to cover the dings and scrapes of the past is an eye opening experience.

At this stage, it is easy to give up and think “now that the old stuff is gone…why not stop and see how long this lasts.”

The person chosen to help with the steps will usually step in and suggest ways to improve on the process of change and establish a manageable timeline for the completion of the steps that will alter your current vision of the future.

Soon, things will start to come together. As the venture continues, in a positive direction, the past comforts are replaced by a sensible and durable future.

As the project progresses, new life is breathed into, at one time, carpet of frustration that was traveled over and over and was just part of a bleak landscape of home.

Confidence being at a high. It may be time to add some extra bling to your life change. Matching the strength of the inside with beauty on the outside.

There will still be ups

And downs


But…walking through them doesn’t have to drive you to drink.

Working the steps not only makes you feel good, but also all who come in contact with you and your accomplishment will be proud of the change.