Life Unexited

The anomaly of silence has brought forth memories of both sides of a coin from a life that is still being lived.

No matter which way the coin has landed during any given time frame of that life, the will to move forward to destinations unknown has continued.

A life that has witnessed the wealth of the highest dollar and the poverty of counting pennies.

The joy of seeing life at its first breath…..and the utter sadness at its last.

The truth in saying I don’t want this anymore and yearning to once again years later to say….I do.

The fear in watching a bullet take a life and a surrender to save one.

The hate in NEEDING to use and the love in being useful to those in need.

The journey in following a lie that eventually ends in truth.

A time behind bars and the solitary loss of sane to amending the past, gaining freedom from cell(f) and recreating my name.

The anomaly of silence screams of how I got from there to here.

This life is not about the flip of a coin but about getting up and continuing no matter if landing on my head or tail.



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