Miss D. Meaner

by good2begone

If you are not going to get busted by the men in blue for a crime that fits your name….at least, get all the bang out of your stupidity you can.

This is out of news sources everywhere. This particular portion was taken from the Huffington Post-

Crystal Metheny, 36, was arrested last month for shooting a “missile” into a vehicle, according to records from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

It should be noted that under Florida law, a “missile” can be defined as “a stone or other hard substance,” so this should not be construed to mean that she was necessarily launching rockets into passing cars.

(Polk County mugshots)


Her name is Crystal Methany?

No word on whether she was accompanied by her known accomplices

Coe Cain
Ann Fetamine

Hal Lucinigen

They were probably busy at “pottery” class….

For the news that’s too obviously ridiculous to puff puff pass….

I’m good2begone….

And you’re not.

(That’s not me)