Covered On Sunday-Audio Estrogen Edition

by good2begone

Usually when I choose a song for this post, it’s a laborious, time consuming, need a blood transfusion when I’m done kind of post…..

Who am I kidding, I just think of a song I like, get on youtube and search for a cover version.

This week I venture back to the heyday of the ’80’s at the height of one bands career.

The Police.

Sting and the boys stung the music world for quite some time. The threesome had many hits and ruled the pop charts.

None more so than the album


My favorite from that LP is King of Pain

Here they are from 1986, complete with audience participation.

There were many covers to choose from, most were awful. I will not post the awful but I will list 2 of them-

Lady Ga Ga


They were just not my sort of pain….

The version I chose was by Alanis Morissette, the queen of Audio Estrogen.

What the hell is audio estrogen, you ask?

Click “here” to get acquainted.

Now that you are empowered enough to listen to her version….

Here it is-

You oughta know why she is the queen of pain…..must be those jagged little pills….

And that was your estrogen filled eargasm of the week…..your welcome.

The Police….you have been covered on Sunday.