The Sucker Punch

by good2begone

History of civilizations are marked by statues.

Whether by bronze, marble or hardened stone the statue lasts the test of time.

From great leaders that moved a people-

To kings and thinkers-

And all the way to music and sports legends-

When a civilization falls (and they all do) their statues tell the stories of what a time was.

When our current world falls…..eventually….

These statues will be our voice to the future.

One statue in particular will tell our story.

Historians and archeologists will sift through the rubble and piece back together who the man of bronze was and his importance to our society.

They will ponder his greatness and debate the truth from the myth.

The history books of now could not even tell his story…

Although it has already been written.

All they will know for sure, is that the man was a fighter.

Was it for freedom?


I’m not from the future…so I don’t know what their artifact search will dig up.

All I know for sure is the man for which the statue was erected for in the first place would have one thing to say about it-

“Yo Adrian…I did it.”