Reply Deny

by good2begone

Being left out of things is not good, but adding being a teenager into that equation, equals disaster.

My stepson feels left out. He text me to inquire why he wasn’t being let in.

It’s a small thing, but it was big to him. I knew he would figure it out.

He is very bright and had a knack for technology,

Unlucky for him that I knew what would happen once he added his number to the list.

The glory of iMessage is that once you activate the number and leave it checked off, every other phone on the family plan gets sent all text messages sent from said checked number.

All I had to do is sit and wait for the fun to begin.

First was a message to his sister.


Next a few messages to friends.


I already had the hook baited and was prepared to make his life in the sea REAL uncomfortable because he should have been paying attention in class instead of texting, but I was waiting for the big catch before I started to reel it in…..

And then it happened.

I was so caught off guard that I was in complete disbelief.

He began to text his girlfriend.

The reel spun in anticipation of the catch.

I seriously considered not doing anything. I mean….he deserves his privacy and being a teenager is hard enough without having your stepdad butting into conversations that he wasn’t invited in to….


I almost sounded rational for a second.

Who am I trying to kid? I pay the bill and can butt in whenever the opportunity arises. Here was my reply-

And just for good measure when he thought he could back out I sent this-

For some odd reason I received no reply….no reply at all.

Like most things in life, it takes a few lessons to learn that being left out is sometimes not a bad Ithing after all.