The Vision Quest

by good2begone

I often say, “I could do that with my eyes closed”, or “I don’t need glasses to see”, because I like to convince myself that my vision is perfect.

Today, I will put it to the test for all to see.

For “Test #1 part A” I will type a simple sentence into my iPhone keyboard and pay attention to what I am doing.

Part B will be the same sentence…but with my eyes closed.

Let’s see how it works out!

This is what is type when I watch what I am doing.
This is snag I fgks j find dzhcnd shah j an clubs

For “Test 2 part 2” I will type a simple sentence while watching what I am doing and wearing my glasses.

Part 2 will be the same sentence but without my glasses.

This is what is typed when I wear my glasses.

This is she god typed when I wear my glades.

The results of my findings are as follows-

1- I can’t type with my eyes closed or without my glasses.

2- auto correct is a sham.

3-my boredom vision is 20/20.