Boys in the Attic…..2

The lack of hotel amenities does not keep us from putting in 12 hour days once we hit the job site.

This week, because of other work related incidents, the attic job has been left in the hands of the terrible 2….my boss and I.

And I made sure to remind those losers back home of what they are missing….

Don’t judge me….I am an adult and can make bad decisions if I want to….

As far as progress goes, here is the breakdown.

What started as this-


Has become forming into a bedroom


What started as this-

Is slowly becoming the media room

The staircase and bathroom are on hold until the Full Monty (the crew) returns…..

In other news….

After work, we stopped at an old school soda shoppe, where they prepared me a real cherry coke.


It was like sexy in my mouth.

I needed a cigarette and a nap afterward.

Tomorrow another 12 hours of work awaits…

Along with enough energy drinks and nicotine to make it interesting.


6 thoughts on “Boys in the Attic…..2

      • Whew!

        Now for the inevitable…”You really should quit you know?” Like you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years and don’t know that you probably should quit.

        Anyway…that attic is shaping up! I’ve got one here in the Carolinas that needs some work. Pop on over when you’re done okay? 😉

      • I know I should, it’s the one vice I haven’t been willing to give up. Hopefully, one day. Carolina’s huh….I’m not sure the leash my wife has me on goes that far…. 😃

  1. sureasimbreathingnoceiling says:

    “It was like sexy in my mouth” is now my favorite way of describing anything delicious.

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