2day In Sobriety

by good2begone

It’s fairly easy to write about sobriety when things are going well.


The wife doesn’t want new shoes.

The kids aren’t flipping me off behind my back.

No dog poop on the hardwood.

Free donuts abound.

Days like that it’s great to be sober…..and even better to write about.

No problems here. Can’t wait for tomorrow…until then I will just keep breathing in the new car smell as I drive, care free, to the job that I love!

Ahhhh….those days are grand.

Most days aren’t like that.

Today was nowhere near that.

1 hour into my workday, I had the pleasure of riding with the newest employee to our towns botanical gardens, otherwise known as the landfill.

As we walk towards his truck, he says,

“Don’t say anything about what is in my truck.”

Which my ever so delicate reply was,

“I don’t give a f$(k what’s in your truck. Let’s just get this over with.”

I suppose what he was referring to was the 24 oz tallboy can of Bud Light that was resting in his cup holder.

In my head, I thought,

“So he has a leftover can from the weekend in his truck. Who cares.”

Here is the realio dealio.

I have been sober for a number of years. I do not chastise anyone who drinks, nor do I preach to them about being sober.

It’s none of my business.

I have been to a number of outings where drinking is the norm and I just say no thanks.

A Monday workday morning does not fit the bill as one of those outings.

I was taken a bit off guard when he grabbed the can while driving and said,

“Nothing like a cold beer in the morning.”

He continued to drink the beer as we finished our task and returned to the job site.

He has worked for us less than 1 week.

I am the foreman for our construction crew. We operate heavy machinery and are occasionally in precarious work environments.

Our job today was to replace ceiling rafters at a commercial building.

Walking on an open ceiling, 30 feet in the air, and attaching new 25 foot long 2 by 8’s requires a persons full attention.


I was not willing to put myself or any other of my crew at risk.

I went to the boss and told him the new guy was drinking.

He was confronted and let go.

He was surprised that he lost his job over it.

I finished out the day, but it was shot from the moment he drank from the can.

I mean…who really thinks it’s good idea to drink so early in the morning….at work….and then be pissed off when it doesn’t work out?

I will tell you who…


Before I got sober, I lost 3 jobs for the same reason and was offended that they would actually fire me.

It’s not easy for me to write about struggles in sobriety.

But I do.

In order for life to come full circle, I have to be willing to roll with the curves that come with it.

The curves are reminders of wrong turns taken in the past that have led me to places I would rather not revisit.


I cherish what I have,

I am grateful for what I have learned


I am respectful of my past.

Being sober works for me.

It’s good2begone and that’s why I go.