The Silver Lining

by good2begone

Tonight is “Prom Night” for my stepson.

It is not “his” prom. It is his girlfriend’s, who is a senior at the high school she attends.

He is taking her.

Not only will this be his first prom. It will be his first “real date”.

As in taking her out to eat at a place that does not have a dollar menu…..

And he will be in full formal gear.

Let the uncomfortableness begin!

She chose what seems to be the popular color of the season.

That’s a pool. And coincidentally is the name of the color.

I believe the color was named AFTER the chlorine was added…..

Of course, as her date, he needs to match.

I gave my suggestion-

He wasn’t impressed.

With this momentous occasion, it gives me a chance to reflect back on my prom experience…..

Let’s return to

PROM 1987!!!!

The era of big hair…for both men and woman.

Here is a random pic from that grand era.

Not me or my prom pic…that comes later. Nice hair though…

My date from 1987 chose silver as her main color with splashes of black and red.

Me…I went with the classic black tuxedo. Mainly because I wasn’t smart enough to know any better.


My prom was not uncomfortable or awkward. My date and I had been together since our mid junior year.

We had survived some “rocky” situations but what relationship doesn’t have some sort of Rocky Mountain highs and lows.

She was crisp and smooth in her ability to give me enough confidence to be on the dance floor.

The relationship didn’t last much longer after high school, though.

We drifted apart after I met another.

Her name was Margarita.

But that is another story for another day.

For this day…I give you me and my prom date circa 1987.


Cute couple….huh?