Waiting 4 Monday

I was asked to participate in a post on a blog other than mine.

C.K. Hope asked me. Her blog is called daisiesfromdust

I’m not going to be on her blog. Although you should check it out cuz…it’s Awesome (with a capital A)

She also writes and contributes on another blog with 2 other bloggers. That blog is called runningonsober.

That’s the blog I will be on. It is Awesome with a capital “A” as well.

The post is called “Life in 6 Songs”, each Monday 2 different bloggers are featured. It is a great way to hear a side of the person you read that you might not normally get to see….or hear….whatev…

The premise is to chronicle your life in only 6 songs.

I’m a music guy and was excited to participate.

I had about a month to prepare.

I turned in my contribution after 48 hours…..and have had to wait for it to come out.

Monday is the day.

Mark your calendar. Set an alarm. Kick the rooster. Whatever you have to do to remember.


You get to hear my life set to music…and read what each song represents…

It like the best of both worlds.


26 thoughts on “Waiting 4 Monday

  1. runningonsober says:

    Can’t wait to have you join us on Monday. So glad you were up for the challenge–thank you!!
    Things keep coming full circle on our little Hooka Man Mountain. 🙂 The best of ALL worlds!

    • I loved participating. I look forward to Monday’s now. Learning about others through music is my kind of learning! The thanks goes to you all for creating the feature!

  2. I saw that post on ROS, and thought about that challenge. I can no way limit my lifetime of music to six songs. I think I had 6 before I was even 10 years old. I am looking forward to your six. It is fun to see people’s choices and the reasons why.
    Make sure you re-blog for all your followers 🙂

    • It was not easy to limit to 6 songs. Music is my peace of mind. So…I picked songs that best accentuate certain times of my life. I will definitely be reblogging!

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