For The Money

by good2begone

Making ends meet is maddening.

Mustering the motivation to make more money to make ends meet means less mulling and more meandering…

Or something like that.

I pick up a few side jobs from time to time to help keep the lights on and such.

On one of these jobs I was payed by check.

The check is from a non handy friend of mine.

I do the do’s that his honey would prefer him to do….but he can’t do, so he has me do.

I will do the do….honey.

He’s not handy…but he’s funny.

Always check the “for line”

Midget porn was not the side job I was hired for.

I was hired to fix a few leaky faucets……

Not those kinds of faucets…..

I was in their shower, wrench in hand….

Uggh never mind!!

All I know, is I better not get short changed when I cash that check.>