For The Money

Making ends meet is maddening.

Mustering the motivation to make more money to make ends meet means less mulling and more meandering…

Or something like that.

I pick up a few side jobs from time to time to help keep the lights on and such.

On one of these jobs I was payed by check.

The check is from a non handy friend of mine.

I do the do’s that his honey would prefer him to do….but he can’t do, so he has me do.

I will do the do….honey.

He’s not handy…but he’s funny.

Always check the “for line”

Midget porn was not the side job I was hired for.

I was hired to fix a few leaky faucets……

Not those kinds of faucets…..

I was in their shower, wrench in hand….

Uggh never mind!!

All I know, is I better not get short changed when I cash that check.>


15 thoughts on “For The Money

  1. Best use of the “for” line on a check I ever saw! That was awesome, well, not for you cashing it maybe but yeah …. laughing is good for the soul LOL!

    • I got a kick out of it. He does that often just to see what happens. He wastes a lot of checks because some people are too embarrassed to cash them with odd things written in that line……meh…not me. Life is too short to care what people think of a good prank.

      • Honestly, this made me want to write checks again. I’m thinking of what I could write to the utility companies (which wouldn’t do much except amuse me but, amusement is important during monthly bill paying!)

        I would have cashed it, I would have laughed the whole time I was at the bank.

      • I toyed with the idea of marking it out before taking to the bank and then just rolled with it. I was almost giddy when I sent it through. I’m still smiling just thinking about it. πŸ˜€

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