Mending The Gap

by good2begone

Tastes in music change with each generation.

Parents dislike what their children listen to.

It just is what it is.

I have a strong dislike for the millennial generation being exposed to the hard rock music of my beloved ’80’s.

It’s not the exposure that I am in dislike of….

It’s the Broadway musical/television high school musical versions of the songs a la “Glee” and “Rock Of Ages”

AC/DC is not to he enjoyed with “jazz hands”.

Or with a beautiful voice where all the lyrics are clearly understood.

The Highway To Hell was not paved by a choreographed group of teens with straight white teeth and v neck fitted t shirts.

It was in fact, paved by perverted, raspy voiced, unclean, guitar wielding, torn to shreds jean wearing, bang your head to the wall, sweat slinging, tattooed punks.

To try to polish it up with melodies, dance ensembles, deodorant, matching outfits and designer shoes is quit frankly a disservice and a slap in the face to an entire generation.

Needless to say…..

I was quite upset when my stepdaughter came out of her room announcing that she was listening to the Rock of Ages station on Pandora.

She was singing all the lyrics correctly and had her hands waving in the air as if she was at a “Revival For Jesus” (can I get an amen…).

I promptly scolded her and showed the proper use of hands for the music.

Yeah…I showed her.

Tonight, she comes out of her room and shows me what song is on her Pandora, gives me the metal sign and starts signing it with her head bobbing.

Closing the gap…one child at a time.