The Parent Trust

by good2begone

Teenagers rarely want to share the ins and outs of their daily lives with their parental figures.

We. Are. The. Enemy.

We can’t possibly understand what they are going through.

Advice from Mom and Stepdad is about as easy to stomach as the high school cafeteria pizza.

It has been quite the anomaly that for the past 2 nights I have had in depth conversations with a 16 year old boy.

Sex. Drugs. Stuff n things.

These were some of the topics covered.

Along with grades, opportunities for college, and more stuff and things.

Too bad I didn’t share this educational experience with one of my own step kids…..


It was with the kid down the street….who has been attempting to win the hand of my step daughter since before I became part of the family over 5 years ago.

He is a friend of my stepsons.

Lately he has been coming over and spending time with my wife and I.

He helped my wife cook dinner last night.

Today, he just showed up because he had to get out of his house. His parents got onto him about his grades and such… parents do, and he just had to leave for a while.


He came to our house.

He obviously hasn’t read this blog or he would have realized we are no different than his parents when it comes to grades and such.

After my wife and I put in our 2 cents on the subject of his grades, my wife had to leave for a meeting….it was just he and I.

Here are some of the questions he asked along with his reply to his own questions-

-Have you ever smoked weed? I have once and I liked it but my girlfriend broke up with me because of it. I’m not gonna do it again.

-Would you lose respect for me if I was a Dad? I’m not….in fact I’m still a virgin…I was just wondering.

-You know I really like your daughter but I don’t know if she likes me..what do you think?

He gave me honest questions….I have him honest answers.

Now, I’m trying to figure out whose parents our kids are confiding in.

Cuz it sure as hell ain’t us.