Stepdads Anonymous

by good2begone

I’m good2begone and I am a stepdad. My stepdad date is January 16, 2009.

A few months prior to that is when I hit rock bottom.

The woman I fell in love with had 2 children.

I was given an ultimatum.

In her words (give or take a few here and there),

“Either you marry me and help me raise my 2 kids, who for whatever reason have become attached to you, or you kick rocks and get gone for good.”

What guy would say no to that?



I’ve got over 5 years in this institution….

In that time, I have had the joy of being a part in the evolution of both children.

Yes…they have evolved.

When my wife and I got married, they were adolescents that were kind, inquisitive, caring, loving and yearning to be part of a full family household that had 2 parental figures.

There were ups and downs as we got used to each other and spent time together. We bonded and it was glorious.


They are both teenagers and in high school.

They are rude passive aggressive lazy why do we have to breathe the same air as you don’t touch my stuff get out of my room you are ruining my life…..beings.

This week was spring break.


That means I was expecting a whole week of 2 laying around eat everything we are bored take me to the mall have you seen my can I do this who’s that why do you work so much why can’t we go to the beach sleep all day up until 5 am playing video games beings, all up in my wife and I’s bizness.

Wait…wha?….are you serious….

Boo to the yah.

They spent the week at their Dad’s house.

My wife calls him “the donor”.

I don’t call him at all.

He usually sees them for a few hours on Wednesdays and every other weekend.

This whole week has been peaceful at our house……

With the exception of “the donor” calling in a frustrated tizzy every night.

Apparently, he says the kids don’t listen, do what they want, lie, bicker at each other and are a nuisance to his well being.

It kinda warms my heart.

I’m sure it’s rough for him having to be a full time dad for 1 full week a few times a year.

I mean what guy would want to have those 2 kids around all the time?

I’ll tell you who….

The guy who is writing this post.

That’s who.

Thanks for letting me share.