Territorial Pissings

That….is Gracie. She represents the last of the “Serenity 6” and is the newest permanent member of the family.

She is the product of a red heeler and either a bulldog or a pit bull.

So to us, she is a “Red Bull”.

We were not privy to the mating process that caused the pregnancy which resulted in the birth…..but let’s just say we kind of know what happened.

She is officially my wife’s dog.

My teenage stepdaughter put up a fight to claim “ownership” of the pup by having her sleep in her room with her.

We said no.

“But…but..why can’t she sleep with me?” She whined.

“Because you got a brand new bed and mattresses for Christmas. We would prefer them not to smell like pee.” My wife answered.

“Then…then…why does she get to sleep in y’all’s bed?” She barked back.

“Because I peed on our mattresses years ago.” I answered and smiled with my arms confidently crossed in front of me.

She grimaced and walked away in stunned silence.

I win.


9 thoughts on “Territorial Pissings

    • Thank you. She is almost 9 weeks old, was the first born out of 6 and was the only female of the litter. She marks the 5th female canine of our family. Counting my wife and stepdaughter I am extremely outnumbered in the house.

  1. runningonsober says:

    Awww, I wuv her. And her name!!! That was nice of you to name her after my little cow. 🙂
    She’s sure sitting like a Bulldog, but that face looks like some Boxer in her. Either way she is adorable. Congrats! On her, and the pee contest. (Though Gracie may win that one in time…)

    • My wife has taken on the task of training her and is a natural at it. She is patient and Gracie is very receptive to learning. But…you are right in sure she will win out eventually!

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