The Sound Off

by good2begone

Most new music…

There I said it.

Every group in every genre sounds EXACTLY the same as every other group in that genre.

Even crossovers are….blah.

Rock and roll artists have gone country.

Country has gone hip hop.

American Idol and the Voice have diluted the pop category.

When I tune in to a radio station, it takes about 37 seconds before I turn the sound off.

I get more entertainment listening to myself sing “Tiny Bubbles” than I do listening to anything current.

I long for the days when musicians played instruments…..

Instead of electronic beats and auto tuned melodies, I want to hear saxophones, trumpets, jazzy bass chords, smooth guitar and hypnotic voices.

Sounds like I want to hear Motown or old funk.

I do….but I want to hear it from someone new.

What is a music lover to do?

Search and search.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

I recently started listening to

It was through this internet radio station that I found this band.

Enjoy the audio (and video) awesomeness that is

“Diplomats of Solid Sound”