The Google Conclave

by good2begone

My vehicle, to which I have posted of before in the literary greatness named “Black Truck Down“, is pretty much headed for a sequel.

My mechanical knowledge is crappy at best.

In my attempt to lesson the verbal beat down of someone much more knowledgeable than I, steps have been taken.

1- I got a full service high mileage oil change….pull it into the stall, let the oil guys do their thing, pay for it and get out.

It helped but by no means did it fix the issue.

2- Change the spark plugs. I did this myself and have the bloody knuckles to prove it.

It helped but by no means fixed the problem.

3- Tap into the wonders of vehicle troubleshooting forums found through “Googling” the troublesome issue. That pretty much tells you what I did…no need for further explanation.

The first issue- White smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

The forum answer…….

A new Pope has been elected.


The second issue- Engine knocking

The forum answer-

Who can it be knocking at my door? Stay way…don’t come round here no more.


Third issue- no acceleration

Forum answer-

Push down on the pedal harder.


Google forums….if you can’t fix it, they have smart asses who sit at computers all day who will gladly berate you at no charge.

Maybe the new Pope can fix my truck… by singing Men At Work tunes…while testing how far the pedal has to pressed to be able to accelerate.