The Reminder

Note to self-NEVER…..and I mean…never agree to do a job in a house whose main decor consists of dogs shooting pool and playing poker.




10 thoughts on “The Reminder

    • You know, Paul…I am a dog lover and many times I have enticed them to play a game of billiards or Texas Hold ‘Em, but as they have reminded me….they can’t because they don’t have thumbs. I guess in the “art world” anything is possible….

      • So now i have to ask…say tomorrow, that you are called for a job. The first thing you see when you walk into the room is one or both of those pics. Do you run?

      • I have been seeing those pictures at the job I am currently at for the last week. I just look at them while my mind screams “WHY???”. I do my best to focus on the job and not on the fact that the canines with pool cues and cards are watching me.

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