The Nail Biter

This is my index finger.

That is a 2 1/2 inch brad nail through the bone of my index finger,

I’m no doctor…..

But something in that picture doesn’t belong there.




20 thoughts on “The Nail Biter

  1. Dude! I hope that’s not your typing finger because your have a story to…oh…wait…I am so sorry you hurt your finger…there, that’s better.

    Seriously though…wow.


      • Oh…and you know those things are supposed to go into stuff like wood, drywall, composites and NOT bone right? Okay…just checking cause that sucker couldn’t be more perfectly placed.

        And FYI…I had toe surgery where they placed a surgical steel rod in my toe. It slipped out a little and, being the badass I am, I just shoved it back into my toe. The connection WITH AIR caused my toe to become severely infected. So, if your finger gets a fever and begins to resemble a very painful sausage, get your talented ass to a doctor…k?

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