Geography…by Generation Y

The world has changed since I was in high school. I don’t know how…or when it changed but it has none the less.

My stepdaughter, who is a freshman in high school, has a shirt she wears that says “PARIS” with a bow tie to dot the “I”.


I consistently ask her, when she chooses to wear it-

“Why do you wear a shirt that says ‘parts’ on it?”

Her reply,


Tonight I added another question-

“Do you even know what country Paris is in?”

Her reply….


Duh indeed.


15 thoughts on “Geography…by Generation Y

  1. Yeah. Gen Y geography … it’s something. With the 3rd one (who’s a Gen Z – now we’re the Gen XYZ family 😉 ) I got a wall sized map and started teaching her by the time she was 3.

  2. Great short tale. My son knew a girl at his school at – I’m guessing – about the same age as your step daughter – who thought Europe was a country. Then again there is Sarah Palin who plainly can offer the excuse of being a kid!

  3. Yeah yeah…isn’t that awful. So sweet you’re teaching her…what ever!!! Get back to the story!

    Just kidding (kind of). I’m terrible at geography (although I DO know that Paris is in Sweden…duh) and I remember that my schooling didn’t really place any emphasis on it. We had “Social Studies” and “Civics” but never geography.

    I was always embarrassed that I couldn’t fill in those maps of the US and Canada that come blank and you’re supposed to name the state/province, capital and color it. Now I’m facinated by maps and could stare at them for hours.

    The square states still confuse me.


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