Call Waiting 5- Highway To Haven

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The trip to Haven was only about 50 miles, but the excitement of being amateur investigators had made Macy sleepy.

As Patricia turned onto the highway, Macy drifted off into a dream state while she clutched the 1919 telephone with the frayed cord.

She found herself in the same dimly lit hallway that her mother was in while in her own dream, facing the closed bedroom door.

She heard the voices of a man and woman arguing on the other side.

He screamed.

“But…but..I can help people with my gift of sight….save them…” She replied

Macy recognized the voice as Penny from the telephone. She reached for the handle and thought about opening the door….then reconsidered…she remembered what her Mother told her about privacy. Instead, she put her eye up to the skeleton keyhole to catch a peek.

20140112-220943.jpgWhat she saw was a man in old time clothes, red faced and yelling.

The argument continued….


Macy watched as she saw the man pick up a phone, that looked just like the one she found in the attic, that was on the desk beside him, ripped it from the wall, and began to swing it and move around the room.

As he went out of her sightline in the keyhole, the woman with the voice of Penny came into view, wearing an old time dress, ducking the swings with her arms out in front of her.

Macy saw the face that went with the voice that she knew as Penny…..

And awoke with a scream because the face…was that of her Mother.

Patricia was startled by the scream in the back seat of the car. She looked in the rear view mirror at her daughter, who was ghostly pale, pulled over to the side of the road and said,

“What happened, honey? Are you alright?”

Macy looked around the car, regained a little color in her face and replied,

“Bad dream, Momma…real bad.”

“You still want to finish this trip or should I turn around?”

Macy thought about it and replied,

“We gotta finish it Momma, now more than ever we have to free her from wherever she is…”

Patricia paused to try and read her daughters face. Unable to catch a bead on what she was thinking she said,

“Ok…..It’s back on the highway to Haven then.”

Macy half heartedly smiled and gazed out the window as her mother pulled back out onto the road.

They drove another 10 miles and came across a sign right before they entered the town that read,

“Welcome to Haven- Where a Penny goes a long way!”

Patricia drove by the sign slowly and couldn’t help but get a chill.

They decided to drive down the main thoroughfare to look for a place to eat and to ask for directions to the home movers location.

Macy seemed to still be in a daze and did not notice what her Mother was noticing.

Each shop on the main strip was named after Penny. There was “The Penny Arcade”, “The Copper Penny” bar and grille, “The Penny Slots Storage”. “Penny Coat Junction” department store and soda fountain.

She decided to stop at the “Penny Counter Deli”.

Patricia gets out of the car and opens the back door so Macy can get out.

Macy gets out but leaves the phone in the car.

For it being late afternoon, the streets are deserted. The bell on the deli door goes off as they enter the establishment. There are no customers. One gentleman is wiping the counter next to the soda fountain.

The gentleman looks up and stops wiping and just stares at Patricia with his mouth open until her and Macy sit at the counter in front of him.

“This is some kind of joke right?” He says. “There is a hidden camera here somewhere for some Hollywood TV show…right?”

“What are you talking about?” Patricia asks, “we came in to get something to eat and to ask where the Haven house movers company is located.”

“But….you look just like her….” He says dryly.

“Like who?” She irritatingly asks.

“Like…Penny…the woman every shop in town is named after…look” he grabs the menu from the holder and puts the front cover in front of her. In the center of the cover is Penny, who, with the exception of the hairstyle and clothes is Patricia.

Patricia looked at Macy, then back at the man and asked,

“So….what’s the story behind this woman and why all the fuss with her?”

The man’s eyes light up with the anticipation that he was about to tell the story of Penny to the mirror image of Penny.

He cleared his throat, took a deep breathe and began.

To be continued…..


8 thoughts on “Call Waiting 5- Highway To Haven

  1. I literally yelled “No!” outloud when I got to “to be continued …” I should have waited till it was all done THEN read it, the suspense is killing me πŸ˜‰

  2. Do you remember some years ago when Stephen King wrote, “The Green Mile”? He wrote it in a series of novellas and at the end of each one I was left begging, like a hungry puppy, for the next installment.


    Don’t take too much down time…kay?


    • Lol. I still have “the Green Mile” novellas. I waited each month for the bookstores to open so I could get the next one once it came out. That is quite the compliment…. I truly am speechless. Thank you,

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