The Top Spot Stop

My attention span is shorter than a toothpick shish-ka-bob.

Normally, I spend about an hour going through the mobile news outlets on my iPhone

safari doohickey thingamabobber,

but today, all I could do is scroll through their homepages.

Here are various headlines from the various “news” outlets tagged with the section they were listed under.

I’m not linking the stories that go with the headlines……because that would have required effort and I could have quite possibly sprained my index finger in the process.

Without any further delay… is…

The news of the day-

Babysitter, Allegedly Passes Out Drunk On Porch While Child Freezes In Her Lap- Huffington Post

Man Allegedly Kills Stepdad with ‘Atomic Wedgie’- ABC News

Study finds attractive people earn more at work-CBS NEWS

Smart’ toothbrush rates your brushing habits-CNN

Overdose of laxatives can cause serious harm, FDA says-NBC News

Reporter buys pot for first time-USA Today

“Where’s The Beef” ad turns 30-Fox News

The less you know…..the better.



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