Please…Don’t DIY

Give Good2begone remodeling, construction and home repair a call
when doing it yourself didn’t end up like you envisioned it.


We will make it like you envisioned it….and you can tell your wife you did it yourself.

555-4663. Just to make it easier…

That’s 555-GONE


Lights taped to a hanger?

Aye dios mio.

If you have a “honey do” do list.

Don’t make it a “honey don’t EVER do list”


4 thoughts on “Please…Don’t DIY

  1. I like this – I remember years ago when I first shared a flat with my first proper girlfriend and she said ‘change the light-bulb.’ Such was my sheltered upbringing I thought houses came with light-bulbs built in – never realised they needed changing etc. etc. Great post.

    • Thanks. I do work in the construction and remodeling industry and have been for about 7 years. I have seen lots of crazy things. Before that…,I could tell you what a hammer was…and that was about it.

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