Six Degrees Of……

Out of sheer boredom I plan to recklessly connect 2 icons of music through the game 6 degrees.

Typically it is 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Just how far out could I possibly go to connect….in the end with……


Michael Bolton?

Ahhh yes the soul crooner with the voice to make panties drop into a wad on the floor.

Can it be done???
Why should it be done?

It can….and…it will.

Let’s begin….with…..this guy.

20140101-143533.jpgand connect him to this chick


Degree 1-Marilyn Manson to Courtney Love

1999 -The Beautiful Monsters tour was in promotion of the Mechanical Animals album released on September 15, 1998. The tour was co-headlined with Hole in support of their Celebrity Skin album released on September 7, 1998. (9 shows)-Wikipedia

Degree 2-Courtney Love to Varuca Salt

Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt, who toured with Hole in 1995, recalled Love’s erratic behavior onstage, saying “She would just go off and [the rest of the band] would just kind of stand there.”

Degree 3- Varuca Salt to Jawbreaker

Veruca Salt’s popularity skyrocketed after their second full album, Eight Arms to Hold You, was released in 1997. Produced by Bob Rock, the album generated the hit lead single “Volcano Girls”, which gained exposure as the opening theme to the teen comedy film Jawbreaker.

Degree 4 Jawbreaker to Scorpions


Jawbreaker movie not only has Varuca Salt as the opening theme but also carries a well known track from the German supergroup “The Scorpions”
Track Listing is as follows-

‘Yoo Hoo’ – Imperial Teen
‘I See’ – Letters To Cleo
‘Next To You’ – Ednaswap
‘Don’t Call Me Babe’ – Shampoo
‘Bad Word For A Good Thing’ – The Friggs
‘Stay In Bed’ – Grand Mal
‘Flow’ – Transister
‘She Bop’ – Howie Beno
‘Water Boy’ – Imperial Teen
‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ – Scorpions
‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine’ – The Donnas
‘Beat You Up’ – The Prissteens
‘Trouble’ – Shampoo

Degree 5 Scorpions to ZZTop


Summerfest in Milwaukee 2012

The first Saturday of Summerfest was a big one. Scorpions playing their “Final Sting” tour over on the new outdoor pavilion, ZZ Top at the Harley Davidson Roadhouse.

Degree 6-ZZTop to Michael Bolton

In 1983 Michael Bolton released his self titled album and toured with none other than ZZTop.

I know because I was there.

Before he was a soul singing, slow ballad tear jerker sensation….

He was in a hair band.

Here is the video to prove it. Spandex, hairspray, slinging guitar and all.

WHEW!!… don’t know what it’s like…no baby you don’t knoooow what it’s liiike to play this game…..the way that I do.


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