Billy Club

by good2begone

Parenting in this day and age is way different than when I was being raised.

My wife and I are believers in the

U 2 principles of questioning with our duo of spawn…..

Where u 2 are
Who u 2 with
What u 2 doing
When u 2 be home
And why the hell did u 2 do that

We have no choice…

The times have changed.

School shootings. Random violence. Disappearances. It’s almost not safe to leave the house anymore.

My parents were a bit different.

Quite possibly they lost control and gave up. 3 boys within 4 years could have that effect, I guess.

I had no curfew….ever. I never had to “sneak out” in the middle of the night….I just had to wake my Dad up at whatever hour I was leaving so he would know I left.

His reasoning….in his words,

“When the cops ring the doorbell to bring you shittin kids home, I don’t wanna be surprised.”

My brothers and I really never had names, we were just known as

“You shittin kids”.

There was a lot of love going in our house…


Basically my brothers and I grew up pretty fast.

Sorry I hate to put the stroke on the past….back to the present.

A song came on the internet radio station we were listening to tonight and I said,

“This was the first live show I ever saw.”

I got all teary eyed and reminiscent as I sang along. My stepdaughter broke my trance by asking how old I was when I saw my first concert.

I’m old now….I had to google the album to see when it was released and then use the calculator to subtract my date of birth from that date.

Go ahead…..snicker.

Album release year 1982.
My date of birth 1969.

I was 13 at my first concert…..and I went alone. My Dad dropped me off at the local coliseum and gave me a quarter to use for the pay phone when the show was over.

Pay phone….for those who have never heard of one.


You drop a quarter in the coin slot, dial the number and actually talk to the person that answers….

Like I said…. I’m old.


Here is the first live act I ever saw.

Thinking about how things used to be really gets my emotions in motion.

If you are old like me, then you will get that.

If you don’t ….then you shittin kids need a music lesson.