Vaping The Benefits

by good2begone

I used to smoke butts…and I cannot lie.

It’s a habit I can’t deny

Go ahead…turn your heads in disgust, make faces, and talk behind my page about how gross it is, how it’s bad for my and everyone else’s health, blah blah blah.

I know.

I’ve been a smoker for over 20 years. I believe I have heard….,and probably ignored it all.

Quitting is difficult.


I have currently jumped on to the new trend in nicotine.


What in the name of Marlboro’s ghost is that, you ask?

Here is the definition-

An electronic cigarette,electronic vaping device, personal vaporizer, or electronic nicotine delivery system is an electronic inhaler meant to simulate and substitute for tobacco smoking. It generally utilizes a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution.

The idea is I still get the nicotine. All that is released into the air is vapor.
Eliminating second hand smoke and first hand smoke.

It’s not quitting but it’s a start.

The liquid comes in a plethora of flavors.

I have used a few. The names are as follows-

Butter Toffee
Tic tac explosion
Peanut butter
Sweet tart

While I “vape” the flavor I use is the flavor I taste. No more cigarette flavor for me….although if I wanted it “they” have it.

“They” being my local Vapor store.

It’s called

They ran a promotional contest in store and through Facebook this month.

It was called “Name The Flavor”

The premise was-buy the unnamed flavor, vape it, then name it by posting the name chosen on Facebook. A winner will be chosen on the 23rd. The winner will have the illustrious honor of having their name used for the flavor, and a brand spanking new vaping device….sweeeeeeet.

I like guessing games. My buddies and I used to play “name that STD” back in the ’90’s…..that’s a different story for a different time….

I don’t do the Facebooking anymore, but my wife does. We both tried the flavor. She said it has a peppermint patty taste to it. Kinda chocolatey but a strong mint taste as well.

My powers of flavor naming deducted that only one name would suffice for such a liquid….


We came away with the win.

Fame. Glory. Naming the Vapor.

Kinda makes me wanna dance and sing.

With a name like Sir-Mint-A-Lot, only one song will do…..

Please feel free to check out BAM vapor on the line (LOL) or on Facebook. Their knowledge and customer service is stellar. A great small business, that I wish the best of luck to and a very Merry Christmas to.

To the rest of ya…your welcome for the ear worm.