The Serenity 6

by good2begone

We have a dog named Serenity. That was not the first name she had…but it was the one that fit.

The other choices were-

Character Defect
Professor Aloicious Stuff n Stuff
Front yard dog

My wife being an avid AA member liked the name Serenity. So there it is.

After the last 4 hours I am going to have to request a doggy 4th step with full sex inventory disclosure.

Serenity has been hiding things from us.

We thought she was a tad bit overweight when she decided to venture onto our property and not leave.

I thought 4 dogs were enough to have in the family,

My wife, the boss, said we can’t just not take her in.

I gave in, as I always do, and our pet count rose to five.

As of 10 o’clock this evening the count has been upped to….


Aye Dios Mio!

I really need to learn the different between a bit overweight and a lot pregnant.

We are gonna be dog tired for a while.